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What is Myopia Control?

Myopia affects increasing numbers of people with estimates that 50% of the world population will be myopic by 2050.

Today most myopic children are wearing standard ophthalmic lenses, which correct myopia and allow children to see clearly. However, their myopia is still worsening. This means that as children grow, their myopia may progress.

Henry Morgan Opticians offer 3 types of optical treatment specifically for myopia control.

  • Orthokeratology – overnight wear of a cornea re-shaping rigid gas-permeable lens. Suitable for prescriptions up to -5.50 dioptres and modest amounts of astigmatism.
  • MiSight daily disposable contact lenses. Suitable up to -6.00 dioptres and minimal astigmatism.
  • MiYoSMART spectacle lenses with the exclusive non-invasive D.I.M.S. Technology. Suitable for prescriptions up to -10.00.

Browse our extensive range of designer glasses in-store